​Snack Bar

  • ​A variety of snack foods and drinks will be available for purchase during          hours of operation.

Arts and Crafts 

This area will consist of a creative center for
        activities such as painting, drawing, etc.

Products and Amenities

CPR/AED/First Aid Certifications & Renwals

Learn how to respond to cardiac and 
breathing emergencies in adult and infant/child and the common first aid emergency needs


  • Wi-Fi
  • Televisions throughout          the facility

Special Events

SRC will provide a space and/or assistance

for birthday parties, holiday parties, 

graduation parties, etc.


    Therapeutic and relaxing massages will 
      be available by appointment 

​​Certification Materials

  • CPR/AED, First Aid certification manuals, masks and First Aid kits will be available.


Specialty Seminars

Seminars will be conducted periodically by 

licensed professionals in nutrition, physical

therapy and by registered nurses

Specialty Classes

​SRC will have allotted time for a wide variety of classes to include: tap, ballet, line dance,    ballroom dance, Taekwondo, self defense,      Zumba and Drums Alive

Fitness Equipment

​Equipment will be geared toward both

the disabled and able-bodied person, consisting of machines and free weights along with cardio equipment (treadmills, elliptical) etc.


Personal Training​

Customized personal instruction for

       general health, fitness and nutrition       

Multi-media Room

This area will consist of a space with TV’s, 

computers with internet access and video games

​SRC T-shirts and Novelty Items

  • ​T-shirts, water bottles, towels, bumper stickers