Thank You...

Dear Family & Friends – 

As you know, in January of this year we were thrilled to open Sēb’s Recreation Center (SRC) and realize Sēbian’s dream of creating an inclusive facility where disabled people can spend time together with their family and friends.  You probably also know that shortly after we opened, Sēbian’s health began to decline.  On June 19th 2018, he was called home to our Lord.  The center never would have endured without the help of so many of you, and I am deeply grateful.  God provided the means and the help needed to make this dream come true.  My son and I thank you for all of your support.

Now, I have turned my focus to preserving Sēbian’s legacy.  Because of his poor health, we were unable to launch all of our programs and initiatives to get the center self-funded at the beginning of the year.  I am happy to say that in the past two months, SRC has implemented more activities and the community has responded well, but more funds are needed.  So, this month, the center has reached a crossroads because I am nearing the end of my resources.  I again need the help of friends, family and the community to keep SRC open while we establish our funding model.

I am writing to make you aware of an opportunity to participate in keeping Sēb’s dream alive as a legacy to the brave and valiant young man we knew and loved.  This month we are launching the WE CAN WARRIORS campaign.  The WE CAN WARRIORS are people who, like Sēbian, fight every day because they believe in doing something to make the world better.  The WE CAN WARRIORS are people who are willing to come alongside me and our other volunteers to make a commitment that will provide us with 12 months to deepen our relationships in the community and build sustainable funding.

Our hope is to find 500 WARRIORS among you who are willing to commit to a monthly donation of $10 or more for the next 12 months.  With $5,000 a month, we will be able to pay rent and utilities and keep our doors open.  I will continue to donate the majority of my time and resources to developing the recreation center and its programs. Please consider joining us.

To make it easy, we have included a link below where you can commit to being a WE CAN WARRIOR or make a one-time donation.  Just click on I WANT TO BE A WARRIOR, and it will take you to our website donation page.  Once there, clicking on the DONATE button will allow you to make a contribution.  Checking the box below your donation amount allows you to automate a monthly donation.   As always, your contributions are tax deductible, and receipts are provided through the PayPal system for your records.  If you have any questions, please visit our website at                                                                         or call me directly at 303-323-1927.

We are greatly humbled by the support that has enabled us to open SRC. We are praying that God will move again to bless this facility and the hopes that we all have of making a difference.  Please watch for our next email update with the status of our campaign and our plans to become fully funded.

Thank you again,

Keithan Holiday
SRC Founder


Donors & Supporters

​​​Aurora Frontier P-8

Food Queen Catering

Summit View Elementary

Vista Peak Preparatory

Special Books By Special Kids

Sisters Enterprise

Aurora Schools Federal Credit Union

​Farmers Insurance

There are several ways to make an online contribution to Sēb’s Recreation Center. You can make a credit card donation via Paypal by clicking on the link above. We are also registered with AmazonSmile. When you shop at and choose Sēb’s Recreation Center as your selected charitable organization, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price to our center. If you would like to contribute by cash or check, you can send your donation directly to Sēb’s Recreation Center at:

1710 S Buckley Road, Unit 9 Aurora, CO 80017

Click here to donate via PayPal


You can also make a one-time donation or set up a recoccurring payment directly through Sēb’s Recreation Center by calling 303-353-9822.

We have had a tremendous outpouring of support from different organizations and members in the community and throughout the world. We want you to know that your monetary donations, your feedback, your kind words of encouragement, and your overall support of Sēb’s Recreation Center is humbling and overwhelming. We can't thank you enough for all you have done for us.

Hello.  My son Sēbian and I cannot thank you enough for taking an interest in Sēb’s Recreation Center.  We are excited to be able to share with you our dream of opening a recreational facility that caters to the needs of those with disabilities, while at the same time providing those same services to their families, friends and caregivers. It is our goal to bring these families together in one place so they can achieve their personal goals, while improving their overall health.

The amount of encouragement and support we have been receiving since opening is overwhelming. As we continue to meet new people and tell them about the center's goals, it reinforces our belief that this type of facility is greatly needed to help the disabled find a comfortable place in the recreational world.  For you and others to take an interest in what we doing makes our hearts happy and our determination strong. So again, we thank you.

However, this vision is bigger than the two of us. This is a vision my son and I have for himself and others like him; to be equal, to have the same opportunities as an able-bodied person, to have a consistent entity in the recreational world for the disabled their families and caregivers.

My son and I need your help. It is my dream to be able to make my son’s vision continue for years to come, and with your donation, we can maintain a permanent entity for the disabled in the recreational world. Again, thank you for your interest and your donation.


Recreation Center